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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Why Obama Must Fail

First, the ConservativeWeltanschuung assassinated/wiped out the Liberal leadership, to wit,President Kennedy in '63, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy in '68. Next, the Conservatives put a backlash "law and order" spin to the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War protests, to get ex-"commie-hunter," Conservative Republican, Nixon elected in '68 and '72.
Democrat Carter suffered a media trashing by the burgeoning Conservative-controlled national media assuring his defeat to Conservative Republican Reagan, who flung open the doors of the US Government to the Conservative wrecking crew of "Big Government" for Big Business, Friedman-style. Banks failed, the Stock Market crashed, unemployment soared over 10%, the national debt eclipsed 2 Trillion, but the Conservative national media kepi showing Reagan waving and smiling, AND at the same time. Even though the Iran-Contra scandal was worse than Watergate, Reagan, rather than being skewered by the press and impeached by Congress, rode off into the California sunset as an icon instead of a convict. Ah, the power of the press!
By the end Reagan's eight-year Reign of Errors, the Conservatives controlled Congress, the national media, the military, the US Supreme Court, the Republican Party, America's polis, and most foreboding, the hearts and minds of America's mindless masses.
Then along came America's Nero, aka, "Dubya," who turned America into a cesspool in which Dubya could fawn over himself in a way that would have made Narcissus blush.
To rescue America from Conservative Dubya's destructive doxology --to save America from itself -- to treat America's Conservative cancer --prolong its final days of hegemony, enters Barack Obama, a man of both worlds, sower of hope, healer, practical prophet --Kennedy and King, in one.
Yet, methinks the Saviour too late arrived. Obama, the messenger must be muted by the legion of Conservative demagogues, pundits, theocrats, and propagandists, who under the ruse of "news," pontificate the Conservative Party line, reality and the truth be damned!
Disciples of the dictum that "the ends justifies the means," and Goldwater's caveat, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice," these 'lean and mean" devotees of the proposition that "Right, makes might," and therefore,being without conscience, will exploit their positions as media missionaries to make certain Obama fails.
To the Conservatives,Obama is not the President of the United States, any more than Carter and Clinton were. Obama is the enemy, as was Carter and Clinton, and Obama will be similarly trashed, slandered, besmirched, libeled, crucified, damned, and impeached, if they can't stop him otherwise?
As Hillary once noted during that travesty known as "Clinton's Impeachment Hearing."
"They (Conservatives) go for the jugular." Yes, indeed they do. At another time and place, they wore hooded sheets, burned crosses, and hung those they didn't like.
And while President Obama still mistakenly believes in the fiction of "bipartisan support," from the Republicans, despite the fact the Senate has voted unanimously against him on health care, not because of what is in, or not in the Bill, but rather because the Bill must fail, because Obama must fail., and the needs of the American people be damned!